A simple tuner for string instruments with a focus on accessibility and localization.


This website! Built in Swift using the Vapor Server-side Swift framework.

Provides API access to localized musical instruments and their tunings.

Website for AudioKit documentation.


Audits my GitHub repositories to ensure they are aligned and up to date.

Brian Drelling's personal CI scripts, workflows, and utilities.

DocC middleware for Vapor.

Cross-platform Swift library for accessing the public GitHub API.

Provides type-safe access to localized musical instruments and their tunings.

A library for easily bridging Plot-generated HTML into Vapor.

A collection of common utilities used across my Vapor (Server-side Swift) websites.

Libraries (Kipple)

A collection of tools and scripts for use across a variety of Swift projects.

A Swift cross-platform (Apple and Linux) networking library.

A collection of Swift Package Manager plugins.

A collection of common SwiftUI and UIKit utilities.

A collection of common tools and commands used throughout the development process, customized for Kipple projects.

A collection of common diagnostics and debugging utilities.


Brian Drelling's Swift repository template.


An example project for the DocCMiddleware package.


My Manager README. For more information, see